WTF...fork wheelies???



WTF...fork wheelies??? post #1
hey..i can tailwhip,hang5 and stuff like that but i cant fork wheelie.yes i know.its only a fork wheelie but it has now come to the point were i need em for certain things :roll:
so....i can get em to em and do em without liftin the back end for is just liftin the backend that i cant do.hmm
i have my left foot on the peg
..and right is scuffin :)
what hand should i use to pull the backend up...any ideas?
does it even matter???
any tips are appricated.thankx
leon luxton 8O


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WTF...fork wheelies??? post #2
use whichever one is more comfortable. If your left foot is on the peg, you should only need one good scuff then throw your leg out for counterbalance against the back end. If you can roll indefinitely, practice with your balance leg and eventually you`ll get the back wheel up in the air.

(BTW, I thought fork wheelies were a forward facing trick; as in you`re rolling forwards with the bike moving backwards, therefore no scuffing?)



WTF...fork wheelies??? post #3
well....i can get the backwheel in the ait.i just cant hold it there :?
leon luxton 8O

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