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Hey I was just wondering how long you guys ride with thge same tires and grips. I wear out grips pretty fast because I don't wear gloves, and tires well ehm...my front rimjob tire needs replacing, I think I've had it for about a year 8O .


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grips...i don't really replace these to much at all...i really wait until i can feel the bars and the grips are super ripped up and cut all over the place.

but as for tires...i hate letting them go bald...i change them a lot.


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if i have a time of full time riding i think i do like 3 months with bar grips, i dont use gloves but i think it is also because i always **** them up when i fall


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i replace mine when thet wear out or if i tear them or blow them out, not if it is a small hole that can be patched


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Worn out tires post #5
4 to 6 months


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i´ve met flatlanders thy needed 2 pairs of tires a month. the longest period i was riding a pair was 3 months. it was winter, i had no dry spot and i had an attractive girlfriend and i couldnt ride much.
grips usually get changed every 3 months. they stay longer o.k cause i´m not scuffing on them.
sometimes i need 2 pairs of shoes a month.only to scuff new holes in the sole.


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tires : usually last me... 3 to 4 months, just depending on what I'm doing. Or if I buy them right before winter they last like... 7 or 8 months (can't ride in snow^^)

grips : usually a few months. I bought a cheap pair one time that got tore down in like a week. But I'm poor and lazy so I just taped em up and still use them now Xx.

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