Wich bike?!?



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My problem:
I was planning to buy a DK fourpack, but I can't find any DKdealers in Holland, so if anyone know's one, please let me know.
The only other bikes I am considering are the
Mirra 540 or the WeThePeople Daredevil
The mirra has an TT of 20.50 wich is a bit better in the vert I reccon, the WTP has an 20.25 TT wich gives it more control, but I am thinking of doing some vert riding in the future.
I compared them for a while now, but I just can't make up my kind, does anyone have any ideas about some features of these bikes wich make one of them stand out a bit moren then the other??!
I'm just interested in these two,



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i would say you skip looking for those DK dealers and get yourself a WTP Daredevil...you could use that bike for vert if you wanted to man...its an all around bike...and its got many nice parts on it.
in my opinion the Daredevil is very nice complete bike dude.


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WTP all the way out of them bikes man..go for it and ya will be happy :D


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disagree look at the wtp daredevil frame and specs then look at 4 pack and realise how much u should get the 4 pack daredevil only has cro-mo main tube where as dk has full cro mo and rest of the stats are the same also dk are one of the oldest bike makes and are tried and true my friend has a 4pack and i think it is truely one of the best bikes i have ridden for awhile the stuff they kitted it out with for such a low price is amazing.

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they are both realy good bikes

however i would say the fourpack is jst that little bit better


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i'd go with the Dk, its cheeper then the We the People, if you can get your hands on a Dk it would probably be a bargin compared to the WTP! they have almost the same components! i sugest you go with the bike you feel the most comfortable on!

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