what length spokes?


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i just got a sun big city rim to lace to my mutiny hub in the back and im wondering if i can use my old spokes to lace it, the spokes are from when i had alex E rims with the same hub so if i need new spokes what length do i need?

and on the front im changin from a sun to a mx22 with the same hub again do i need different length spokes?and if i do what length? cheerz


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to be honest it is best to ask at a local bike shop, because, spoke lengths are kind of a litle bit *** sometimes. you need to see it for real pretty much.


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that i couldnt tell you if you tell a mailorder or shop what rim and hub you have they will tell you what length you need so measure yours and see if they are right if not just buy them you wont even need to know the length just like i said tell them your hub and rim and bingo theyll know what to get you

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