What do u have on your bike



What do u have on your bike post #1
here's mine
frame: we the people kh01
Crank: Snafu 4130 3 piece
wheels: rear: hoffman front:alex
pedals: primo supertenderizors

shit factory parts for the rest

Not Danny Tanner

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What do u have on your bike post #2
frame: Commercial OTB 21"
fork: S&M Pitch
stem. Hoffman
bars: Hoffman Jumping bars cut to 24"
grips: Demolition
headset: Solid
rear wheel: Odyssey Cassette laced to a Hazard Light
front wheel: Odyssey Vandero laced to a Hazard Light
tires: Hoffman Skidmark
cranks: XS Driveshaft
chain: KMC 410H
pedals: old style SNAFU
sprocket: Tree 36T w/ Kink Park Guard
post: Demolition
seat: Primo Pentagon
clamp: Primo
pegs: 2 Kink Lights
brakes: Odyssey Evolver in back
misc: homemade hubguard in front, Dragonfly upper cable, Odyssey Gyro

conrad williamson

What do u have on your bike post #3
frame: alliance psi. 20.5 tt. euro bb. red
fork: pitchforklt. black. 14mm
stem:haro big block (white)
grips: primo chad d's
headset:fsa pig sealed
front wheel:quando hub laced to single wall rim
back wheel:profile hub. polised laced to dubble wall rim. 13 tooth
tires:primo wall in back. mosh digital in front
cranks:profile 180's. black
chain: i found it in a dumpster four years ago.
pedals: big block sealed
sprocket: Tree 36T. black
post:s&m. black
seat: s&m. black and grey
clamp: kink
pegs: 2 animal lights
brakes: Odyssey Evolver in back
cable: odyssey slick cable
lever: dirt harry
misc: profile hub guard in back....no bar ends...red zip tie holding brake cable


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What do u have on your bike post #4
i ride a 415 pro all stock exept
forks=odessey 4130 thermals
stem=macneil ruben
headset=fsa pig sealed
and primo taj tires


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What do u have on your bike post #5
macneil freimuth frame
profile hubs f+r
hazardlite rims f+r
kink top loader stem
federal bars
primo powerbite cranks
kink 25t LHD chainring
t-1 pegs
FBM bar ends
primo lever + GTX gyro, twin cables
evolver brake
primo wall tire
dirt monster tire.
kmc kool chain
dmr v8 pedals



What do u have on your bike post #6
Macneil Ruben Frame (black)
Federal Forks (bare metal)
Profile Cranks
t1 chainring
KMC Kool Chain
Hoffman Super Stem
Primo Taj & Vmonster tires
Odyssey Evolver Brake
Odyssey Hazard Cassette Hub on Big City Rim (back)
Alex Supra E Rim on Sealed Diamond Bakc Hub (front)
Primo Pentagon Seat
Odyssey 41 Thermal Seatpost
Primo Viking Seat Clamp
ODI Longneck Grips
X-posure Chain Tugs
Snafu Concave Pedals
Snafu Hex Pegs
Dia Compe Dirt Harry Brake Lever
Drangonfly Gemini Top Gyro Cable
Odyssey 3 Blue Gyro down cable
Volume Bar end plugs

^thas me setup^


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What do u have on your bike post #7
Frame: Macneil Miron
wheels: Odyssey hazard lites
crank: profile dj dirt
forks: Odyssey pro vert/street
handle bars: Terriable 1 (meduim)
stem: S&M redneck
Sprocket: Kink
tires: Drive loads
seat: primo gripper
Pedals: S&M
pegs: kink lites
Brakes: none :p


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What do u have on your bike post #8
Frame: Easten Jane
Fork: Eastern Amazon
Headset: crane creek s-2
Stem: Fit raw (autographen by mirra and bruce crissman)
Bars: voxom
Rims: sun city bfr
Hub: sealed Jaba
Tires: blue v-monsters
Crank: FSA wild child crank
sprocket: macneil guard sprocket
Pedals: unsealed Snafu
grips: primo v-grips
seat: voxom
seat post: primo rod
seat clamp: s&m
Lever: primo J-lever
Cable: odyssey
Brake: black evolver
4 pegs: doyssey G.I.


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What do u have on your bike post #9
my race bike is:
2001 Trek TI 1
Chris King headset, sealed
Answer Alumilite forks
Mavic wheels
Bulletproof sealed hubs
Tioga Comp III's
Redline cranks, sealed General bearings
Redline Forklifter bars
Redline Freaky G grips
Shimano 16t freewheel
Answer 44t chainwheel / Answer 41t
Shimano XT V brake
Shamano XT V lever
Shimano brake cable
Bontrager racing seat
Bontrager alum. racing seatpost
KMC K710 chain
Litespeed Titanium seat post clamp
Redline pads
Answer number plate
Answer stubbie stem / Trek Jaws stem

My street bike is:
2001 Trek Vert 2
FSA Pig headset
SST Org gyro
Trek Jaws stem
Diatech Hombre brakes
Poverty seatpost
Litespeed titanium seatpost clamp
SNAFU 4130 cranks
Oddesey slic cables
Primo pervert mod
SNAFU 39t Chunk / Bontrager 44t chainwheel
Shimano 16t freewheel
Bontrager grips
Maxxis Ringworms
Alex triple walls, 48's
Trek 4130 bars and forks
Trek vert seat
and little crown valve caps, lol


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What do u have on your bike post #10
FIT SERIES ONE (Mike Aitken colorway), 20.5" top tube, Odyssey Thermal Dirt Fork, Odyssey Hazard Lite wheels, S&M Redneck Lite stem, S&M Slam bars, Primo Logo grips, Dia Compe Tank headset, Profile Crank, Primo Super Tenderizer Pedals, Kink sprocket , fit seat, Primo Rod post, Primo Slim clamp, Diatec Hombre brake, Dia Tech Goldfinger lever, Primo Wall front tire, Primo Dirt Monster rear tire

Parma John

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What do u have on your bike post #11
frame: S&M dirtbike classic 20.75
fork: pitchfork black 14mm
stem:fit black
bars:butler bars
grips: primo chad degroots
headset:aheadset top, primo bottom
front wheel:dk hub with sun rynolite rims
back wheel:dk hub with sun rynolite rims
tires:holy roller in back. maxx daddy in front
cranks:profile 175's chrome
chain: kmc fat
pedals: primo tenderizers
sprocket: primo ???
post:primo rod black
seat: haro mirra black
clamp: S&M
pegs: 2 terrible one
brakes: Odyssey Evolver in back
cable: generic
lever: gold finger
misc: kink guard, neon green zipties


the hip hop soldier

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What do u have on your bike post #12
my set up is...

macneil heaton frame
primo v grips
haro bar ends
diatech gold finger lever
primo pro bars
odyssey cfn stem
fsa sealed pig headset
odyssey pro street fork
odyssey hazard flip flop wheels
primo the wall tires
primo tenderizer pedals
solid cranks
odyssey utility sprocket with sprocket guard
kmc 415 chain
acs fatclaws freewheel
demolition seat post
odyssey business class seat
rad seat post clamp
primo pro tensioners
kink og pegs
odyssey evolver brakes
straight cable (no gyro)


What do u have on your bike post #13
Method Of Destruction, 21" (black)

FIT Edwin Bars (black)
Primo V-Grips (red)

S&M Redneck (red)
Dia-Tech D-Cup Headset (black)

FIT Fork (black)

DK 14mm Hub, 48h (black)
Laced to a Alex Triple Wall Rim (black)
(chrome spokes)

Primo Hemorrhoid (red)
Primo Rod Post (black)
Primo Slim Clamp (black)

Profile 175mm (black)
Primo Tenderizer Pedals (red)
Animal 39t Sprocket (black)
KMC 415 Chain (black)

DK 14mm Hub, 48h (black)
Laced to a Alex Triple Wall Rim (black)
(chrome spokes)
ACS Fat Claws Freewheel (black)

Primo Dirt Monster front
Revenge Industries rear

2 Animal Lights right side
2 Odyssey GI's left side

Cut bars way down
Cut seatpost in half


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What do u have on your bike post #14
yo guys i ride a
GT Tour jamie bestwick pro
with a kenda tred on the back and a maxxis ringworm on the front
my crank is a gt 4031 cromo edition with primo grips :) my favourite gt rims stock but great havent bent yet with an oxiom seat and thats about it


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What do u have on your bike post #15
Frame: 415 pro
forx: poverty forks
brakes: tectro 905 u with diacomp pads
rims: 20" effects cassete hub
bars: haro slims (chopped)
crank weel: 36 sprocket heavy duty (for fat chain)


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What do u have on your bike post #16
Frame: Volume Flatline (w/ Ruben sticker on headtube)
Fork: MacNeil Ruben
Headset: Aheadset Tank (which i got for $4)
Stem: MacNeil Ruben
Grips: Demolition Team
Bars: Volume Bennett (24"/Snafu bar ends)
Wheels: Odyssey Hazard Lites (relaced them the G-sport way)
Tires: Front: Primo Dirt Monster
Back: Primo taj
Pedals: DK Iron Cross Magnesium (sealed)
Cranks: Snafu 13 forged
Sprocket: Macneil with guard
Freewheel: ACS Fat Claws 1/8 14t
Chain Tensioners: Attitude Adjusters
Chain: KMC Heavy 410H
Seatpost Clamp: Some *** diamondback single bolt
Seat: Shadow Conspiracy
Seat Post: diamondback but the guts are attatched
Brakes: Caliper: Dia-Compe 990
Lever: Dia-Tech (bent itself when i threw it)
Pads: Kool-Stop Eagle 2
Brake Cables: Top: Drangonfly Gemini
Bottom: Sun Ringle System
Gyro: Odyssey 3
Pegs: 2 Odyssey J-pegs


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What do u have on your bike post #17
frame: FBM Angel of death with trimmed drop outs
forks: Eastern Seaker
bars: T1
stem: Standard bykes
back wheel: G-sport homer on Sun BFR
frontwheel: G-sport homer on some 36h single wall crap
cranks: Profile 180mm, both were black, i sanded one down to silver
sprocket: Xposure with bash
grips: Primo tha wall
bar ends: Macneil
chain: crap kmc one
seat: some fully padded one i found in my garage
headset: primo sealed gorrilla
tires: Primo the wall on back, Snafu knob job up front
pegs: Snafu
pedals: Primo tenderizers magnesium
G-sport gland


What do u have on your bike post #18
frame:gt vertigo(black)
forks:gt forks
bars:eek:dyssey 4piece bars
back/front wheel:primo hoola hoop
sprocket:gt 48t
grips:gusset dual ply
chain:KHE kool chain
heatset:ares 88 eleven
tires:some crap ones my mate gave me
pedals:metal odyssey
brack calipers:dia compe


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What do u have on your bike post #19
thumpgun you have 2 bike you rich bastard
ruben frame
odyssey civillan bars
primo powerbites
primo mag pedals
primo rod
primo hemmeroid
primo cassette sun big city rear
fly 36 tooth sproket
s and m redneck light
primo v monster rear
primo dirt monster front
odyssey evolvers
dirty harry lever just rear
demolition grips :rock:


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What do u have on your bike post #20
a stock gt thumper. :( but im geting new pedals and maybe handlbars.

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