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Have you ever heard about Ukraine? If yes you might have heared about it's poor bmxers. It's not because of the people it's because there's no magazines, no video and lack of bikes. Only one from a hundred aproximately nows what a bmx is. We have 10-15 riders but there level is very low. There's no place to learn new tricks. It would great to have some help from your side such as magazines you've read and don't need and other stuff concerning bmx. Please write me with any ideas and advices you have:

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hmm :hmm: ...

you may try in Moscow (I heard that there are a lot of bmx shops), Polish cities, or...I dunno Tallinn (they've got their Simpel Session so they might have some cool stuff).

if you suffer from lack of mags search the net for ezines, eg. fatbmx, azine (pl) or visit websites like bmxtricks or something like that.

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