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spin left and grind right, or spin right and grind left?

  • spin right/grind left

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Trashed Bikes post #1
I trashed my bike, and I mean trashed. I had a Schwinn Predator Pro everything was crap bt the frame. I went up for a grind on a 1 1/2 foot ledge after a long winter, I had the bunny hop, but not the contact. My peg slipped, down went my bike and it bent the hell out of my chain wheel because I ride goofy (grind on right side/spin left). I really should get left-side drive next time, but back to the subject. My chainwheel bent 90 degrees :!: I WAS SO ANGRY :evil: Then I thought to myself, by bike already sucks, I'm getting a new one in a few weeks, why not have some fun! :idea: I threw my bike. I threw it hard. My friends and I TRASHED my bike, we threw it against brick walls, in the air, and off cross walks, now the front half on the frame (yes, the frame broke in Half!) is in my tree out front and the otherhalf in my driveway! I got the whole thing on tape! its not on our site yet but it will be soon. If anyone can suggest a good bike with leftside drive, please do. Thanks!


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im goofy footed(left foot forward) and i grind right and spin right, but it al depends on how much money you got to spend and what you like so go check out some bikes and come back with those so it will be easier


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i spin left and grind right...dominatly.
but i can go both ways...ha thats almost another *** statement.


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i spin both ways and grind on the right side im goofy footed to man


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spin left grind right mostly

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