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Back by popular demand is the new and much improved Thefifth JPS (Jimmy Petitet Signature) frame, from the company that first brought you the integrated headset.
Bringing a real revolution to the flatland frame technology, using forward thinking.
Keeping the design simple, yet featuring all the high technology refinements that make this frame truly unique. Check the features and specs and make an idea for yourself !

Fully integrated sealed headset : Top and bottom sealed bearings sit perfectly in the CNC machined headtube. All washers included. Assures a stiffer front end, is maintenance free and is lighter than a regular headset.

Fully integrated sealed euro bottom bracket : 4 sealed bearings sit perfectly in the CNC machined euro bottom bracket. All washers, alloy sleeve and sprocket adapter included.
No threads to be messed around, maintenance free, stiffer and stronger than the regular euro bottom system. Bearings provided fit Profile, Ares and FSA cranks axle.

Small 5mm thick machined dropouts : a light and stiff work of art that perfectly fits a 50mm peg. Smaller and lighter than on the previous JPS, yet still as strong.

Double butted seat tube : Shaves some weight and gives that extra hi-tech touch.

Slightly bent downtube : More space for front wheel tricks than on the previous JPS.

The geometry on the new JPS has been re-thought about to make more space for the body to flow around the frame but also to make it more responsive, keeping the same overall feeling as on the previous JPS.
76.5° headtube angle makes front wheel tricks easier and whole bike more nervous.
Super low 19.10 inch toptube for more space than on previous JPS.
12.8 inch chainstays for quick responsiveness of the frame.
73 seat tube angle gives more space on the back wheel and keeps everything easy to reach.
Same wheelbase as on the previous JPS model (previous JPS was 18.8/76/72/13.4). New metallic high quality paint. ONLY 2.4 KILOS (5.3 pounds).
Headtube, bottom bracket and dropouts are heat treated for added strength.
weight:5,40lbs 8O

gota love it aint ya..out been put long either so still costs alot..meh,hehe


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The5th JPS 2 frame post #2
i saw the 5th bike i really liked in a mag that was a dirt/street frame and i still want one but im never going to get one. man this sucks they are like only sold overseas

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