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the hot spots post #1
ight i wanna know where you from and whats ya hot spots to ride round there, the good trails, the rock awesome parks, and mostof all the streets( wheres the banks, the hips, hot rails, the kinked rails)

im also kinda wondering if anyone is from richmond,VA, im not but im gonna be stationed there at fort lee and i wanna knoe the spots round there to hit up while im stuckthere for 3years!
if you help me out at all thanx ahead of time!


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the hot spots post #2
i live in augusta, georgia but there is barely anything to ride here. and there is no parks :x


the hot spots post #3
i live in a small south eastern town in wisconsin...yea there is a four seasons skatepark about 45 minutes away which is nice but its extremely crowded during the winter months for obvious reasons so i tend to stay out of it at that time...i own some trails that i keep up throughout the winter shoveling them and riding and such...but mostly i ride street here in my town all the time.

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