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I am new to this forum, and pretty much to BMX. Just so you know my status, Ive been riding for around 2 months. I can do bunnyhop around 2.5 feet, fork wheelie, and barspin. I have a bike that was designed not to have front brakes.. for some apparent reason so its a lot harder for me to try to learn a tailwhip.

anyway, my problem is this:
Ive been trying to do a tailwhip since around a month ago, maybe more, but I can't seem to be able to ever land it! :( I can get it usually half way, but then i lose balance and put my foot down. and the problem is i never seem to improve. this is what i do for a tailwhip

-I jam my foot on the bottom of the tube
-flick the frame around
-roll my wrists forward until half way
-roll my wrists back after half way

but then i usually lost balance as i said before. Is there something im missing?? maybe i am not doing something correctly. I try to keep all my weight on the front tire, and spin the frame at a controllable speed.

Any help would be appreciated. any ideas what i MIGHT be doing wrong, causing me to lose balance?? Any tips would be appreciated other than (just keep practicing) :roll: because i have heard that too much, and it is pretty obvious, that i ALSO need to prratice, but i have a feeling that i am doing something wrong. Any important things i need to know? I can get a video of my attempt at a tailwhip if it will help you guys figure out what i am doing wrong...

Thanks. :lol:


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wsell, I do it with brakes, and use them prettu much...only tip I can think off, is that you should lean more on your arms and use your foot only for locking the wheel...but I don't got experience with a brakeless one...

anyway keep practising :p


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I do brakeless tailwhips and its better to learn them brakeless and then if you try one with brakes it is **** easy. When you put the foot into the tire/fork area, make sure you are shoving your toes into the area between the tire and fork, some people just push up against the fork and put their foot on the tire, bad idea. Also when you push it in put as much pressure as you can on that foot, when you push it in, push down on that foot and push forward far, the bike may hit real early, not as far as you have been getting, but that is ok, just work on it. And one last thing... you don't want to slide off of the wheel backwards, I did that yesterday and hurt my arm bad when I slammed to the ground.


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Yeah i have slipped off the tire many times, but not really wiped out. most damage done to the bike :roll: . Should i put the SIDE of my foot in, or the toes? I cant really tell which works better. im going to try to post a video clip tomorrow maybe you guy can see whats wrong from there...


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just jam your toe in there and keep your weight towards the front so it doesn't slip out.


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i have never tried with brakes,i have done it brakless,i done exacyly the same thing you do ans ALWAYS slip of(the tire rolls so i fall or just lose balence),so.......JAM ya foot in there real hard so the bike AINT gonna move AT ALL.then kick it round REALHARD.the faster the easuer.leon luxton :wink:


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its hard

i have been trying this for 2months nand i cant land it either! :evil: i keep falling forwards.


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well if you are falling forward what would be the logical thing to do mongoose?

oh yea um don't lean forward so much.

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