T-Shirt Design Contest - Voting!

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T-Shirt Design Contest - Voting! post #1
Hi folks!

Here are the 10 designs:
But please mind that the best design should win, no matter if it's yours or not!
Also mind that designs with more different colors are more expensive to print on the shirts than with only one color.

Here is the poll (since we wanted to have only one poll for both languages, the poll is in the german part)

1.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/followme_bmxzone.jpg
2.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/passion_bmxzone.jpg
3.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/nbmx_bmxzone.jpg
4.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/orange_bmxzone.jpg
5.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/addict_bmxzone.jpg
6.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/circle_bmxzone.jpg
7.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/ride_bmxzone.jpg
8.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/tabletop_bmxforum.jpg
9.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/rail_bmxzone.jpg
10.) http://www.bmx-zone.com/achim/tshirtcontest/inder_bmxzone.jpg

ps: the poll expires in 5 days

EDID: locked this thread in order to avoid propaganda for a special shirt


T-Shirt Design Contest - Voting! post #2
Our official T-Shirts ready to order

So Folks!

The winner-designs of the T-Shirt Contest are confirmed now. We have unique designs that can't be found anywhere else and with your order you also support the community to pay the monthly server-fees. The T-Shirts are not printed yet but we will give the ordner at the end of next week so please order fast because we only print as much T-Shirts as need because we have to pre-finance them. All T-Shirts will be best quality and also high quality-printed (washable etc.)

The Prices:
Design 1 - Delirious : 18€
Design 2 - Wynex : 17€ (print only in the front)
Design 3 - Big Snoop: 18€

All orders to sales@bmx-zone.com
Subject: T-Shirt order

T-Shirts can only be sent inside the European Union, the postage depends on where you live, all payments before delivery!

The Designs:

Design 1 - Delirious

Design 2 - Wynex

Design 3 - Big Snoop

The BMX-Zone Team
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