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After some deliberation ive decided to strip my bike frame and make it raw, but how the **** do i get the forks off / stem and so on its ****ing so hard


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It shouldn't be hard, unless it's all rusty. Adjustable crescent wrench, some allen wrenches, (hex keys), and 10 minutes? Seriously, the stem and forks should come apart.


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I actually just finished helping a buddy strip his mongoose so he could transfer the parts to his bro's gt mach one... Both bikes were more than 8 years old...

I recomend alot of liquid wrench, and elbow grease!

We had alot of problems with the stem and pedals due to rust.

Good luck.


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yeah if you got the tool and know how to do it the only thing i'd have troubble with is the crank and the headset everything else is CAKE!


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loosen the bolts take a rubbe mallet and smack the bottom of the stem till it pops off then slide the forks off, but its different if you have a 1" threaded fork(old version and sometimes used on cheap bikes)

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