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I have been doing street and Flatland for a few months and i like it. I am haavin trouble with a few things though. When i try to manuel, i peddle to get up, then i sit low and back and i make it for about 5 seconds then i either start to tip or i go forward.Got any hints or tps on how i can make ir go farther? Also, if anyone can recomend some easy new tricks for a beginner, i can already do barspin and i am trying out a tail whip. thanks

either email me at or IM me on AIM at speedracer58312



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i would say SEARCH but im nice this time....

for manuals...takes practice...lots of it...if you are starting to lean forward though pump with your legs and pull with your arms to keep it up...if leaning backwards then move your body closer to front of bike..thats what i do..


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yup like he side pump

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