stand a sloted axle upwards



stand a sloted axle upwards post #1
ok, i have 14mm drop outs on my rear, and u know how the drop outs look like = the space in the middle of the equal sign would be where u slide in the axle

and i have this back hub, but someone sloted it,

if u pace in the sloted part flatwise, i.e the flat part looking like _ that, it wont be as strong,

but if you place it in like | it will be more strong.

how can i have it standing in the | position on my back dropouts?
any ideas appreciated


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stand a sloted axle upwards post #2
the only way i can think of is to simple place the axle in the dropout the way you want it, and get some one to hold it there, while you tighten it. allthough im sure you thought of that.


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stand a sloted axle upwards post #3
well if the hub is in great well maintianed condition you can turn it up like that and the just tightened it down without it moving but if not that then chain tensioners can also hold it in place

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