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Hey,i read this in bmx rider mag and thought i would share it ALL with you guysThis is what it said...............
Flatland is not the heart and soul of the Xgames,people dont want to see people doing hard stuff that isn't 15feet in the air.Its still one of the higher paying contests out there though(thanks to none over then Mat Hoffman),and as a result its still very much the "Olympics of Flatland",people are willing to make the trip from all over the world.Just look at the result list,could this be the international sport in the Xgames?
Maybe,Just Maybe......................

Why are the public so at odds with flatland?Why can they not appricate the skill,heart,soul,blood and comitment that goes into becoming a good enough to even qualify for this event?Mainly because the public at large dont want to see skill,they want to see stunts,thats why the street contest will always be the big draw,theres always something new and something crazy for them to marval at.For them its little more then a glorifield stunt show,they may as well throwin a bunch of mostertrucks ploughing ever car wrecks as well,its the same kind of mentailty,the show mentailty,they want to see people risk life and limb over these things,to go even bigger and crazier then the next man,so that they can bathe in the glory of the moment.

The thing is thats know were near what it takes to appricaite have to of least TRIED a manual or steamroller to even understand how difficult it is,people just dont get that,they dont see the poiny in dedecating yourself to something that isnt so visually spectacular.,and this is why its kinder shunted to the side lines,almost like a side show to the rest of the event.This is lucky for us though,and lucky for the flatland community as a whole.Its not often you see flatland on the TV outside of a music video or something silmular.Its great to see flatland go of and do its own thing with the backing of a major media corpration suck as ESPN with little or no interference,exept in the terms of the ever controvesial juging.People seemed to think that it wasnt so bad this year,that they did a better job,theres still room for improvment,but overall things are on the right track.

I think that flatland at the Xgames is the exact summary of where BMX lies within such an event and under the scrutiny of the public eye.People will always be on the outside looking in,not relling understanding it.They will look else were for the bigger and better show,while all the while,right under there noses there'll be a much of guys pusing the limits of what can and cant be done on a 20"bicycle.They've got the commitment,they're there for the riding,not for the exposure or the sponserships,they are just doing there thing,no one really knows why,and they'll never be able to truly understand appreciate what they are seeing until they've tried it for there selves,but they probally never will...........

That took so long to bloody write,lol,so wot do ya think.
leon luxton 8O


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All very good points Leon...lots of room for spelling and grammar improvement, but still...very much gets the point across.



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i like flatland


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I agree with darkmama. Especailly US people need to see 'extreme'


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yea that is bascially true...but im not really a fan of the huge HUGE gaps and tricks and stuff...i mean yea mat doing a no handed 900 was amazing but im more a tech trick person so i like the rail and ledge tricks...wall rides and just flow stuff...and yea i like to watch flat.

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