Some Flatland videos...



Some Flatland videos... post #1
check out this old school flatland video..its crazy good riding..
some amazing flatland skills from ameters here in the derby video..
part2 here..
here is a video of Jesse Puento..
here are 2 of my FAV flatland videos..
great music on that last one
so what ya think of these videos 8O i love em all


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Some Flatland videos... post #2
I wanna learn some more flatland... so damn hard though :cry:

and yeah they were awesome but they took a long time to load

The Worst

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Some Flatland videos... post #3
Sweet....last 2 vids the guys rode brakeless....I went out after that video and learned a new trick....its like a decade except you stay down and use the peg...forget its name...usually I just jump on my bke and do what I want to learn....buit I remember that trick from somewhere... :roll:

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