skatepark closing?



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well even though theres always like 5-15ppl there, and its the size of two tennis courts, and not even filled with ramps, they was talking about removing it... which would be easy for them since they bough shitty pre assembled ramps

well, i was riding to the skatepark to meet my friend pobie and my skateboarder friends there, and as i drive up, some dude in a suv is like "hey, theres no bikes allowed in there" and im like "oh i have my rollerblades in my back pack" was a sweater.... welli get up to the park, and tell pobie and me freinds, and they was like "yeah that guy said "he was fro the city and just lectured us, he says that city wants to close park cuase of vandalism" only vandalism fromm ppl that i dont know was like taggings in like red and green and blue and blah sharpies that are like 5x5 inches or so on the back boards of the ramps, and like a bench in fornt the park thats been grinded, but shit we did was, my dumbass friend thats hella strong acted on ADHD impules and knocked over this huge cement garbage can, my other friends for no reason cut hella huge holes in the fence surrounding the skatepark, even though there is no door for the entrance sou can walk right in, the day before i drew a 10 foot penis on the ground in chalk, and he was bitching about those... and he saw pobie riding his bike in there... oh, and people sawed off the screws for this shitty spine thats like 3 feet high, and like 3 feet wide and at like a like 40 degree angle on both sides, so they could move it next to the box for transfers, since the ppl who put the park together had it in the middle of no where, but apperently it not being bolted to the ground is a liability :roll: and the guy just bitched and bitched that if vandalism stops, city will get enough support to close the park and they already been trying to for a while apperently


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thats *** get some kids together and help clean it up


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just a bunch of pot smnokers, and the kids who own the park... err not own but always there, they heard the lecture, so they prolly gonna stop tagging since they the main taggers, and all the other taggers are just little kids who are easy to tell them to "FCUKING QUIT MOTHER FCUKER"

and it sucks that guy didnt come a day later, cuase it just rained and thats gonna wipe away the 10 foot penis i drew with chalk


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interesting story

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