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if any one knows where Peoria Ill. is i live about 30 miles north of it well does any1 no of any good sk8 parks around here

Later...bmxdude :twisted:
dumb biker

dumb biker

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sorry, cant help ya on that one...just find some locals or somethin, they usually know where all the good spots are


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:wink: we cant really help you, first, you can log on to click on trails, maybe you'll find some dirtytrails, but thats more useful for dirt rider, and mtbkerz...

go to your local bikeshop/sk8shop, be polite, and ask for sk8park are bikepark, I'm sure they will help you if you are polite!

Still if there is no sk8park/bikepark near your home... then build some stuff, I built a 7ftrail and a 6ft box this winter, so time after time you'll got your own little sk8park!!!! :wink: (a little bit shitty!)


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just get on the net and find some

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