shitty q-pipe part 3 & tiny thin box



shitty q-pipe part 3 & tiny thin box post #1
i been hitting it ultra shitty and getting like barely any air and stuff... then today i realized that the more i hit it, the further i am from the coping when i do the jumping part, so i was like woah... then i started bunnyhoping right off the coping, and now im able to get fat huge nice air off the q-pipe....

oh yeah, each day i learn a new trick, today i learned to 180 onto the box ramp, then land on my bike tire and do a 180 on my back tire which will complete a 360.... tomorrow i plan on learning to 180 onto the deck of the box, and then tap back tire, then pop off and 180 out in the air


shitty q-pipe part 3 & tiny thin box post #2
Cool man, I feel ya'. I am JUST getting good at airing it off. Each transition I am finding is different, and takes a different pump. The thing that was throwing me off, is people would tell me "pull your front wheel up, just under the coping, and make sure you put it back there"......well it took me a while to realize that "just below" the coping is NOT an inch or two, but more like a foot below. Each ramp is different like I said, but pulling early is better than pulling late.

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