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i was looking up on that bike part review site, and everyone says sharp sprocket impossible to bend... wtf i bent mine after like 3 months... hella bad too... and i rarely do shit on my sprockett.. i had just tried sprocket stalls a few times and a few times on feebles i would slide off and hit sprocket... and now its hella warped so its offcentert on crank arm making chain go loose then tight then oose then tight and so on... and becuase its bent, half the teeth are thick, and the other half have been worn down hella thin... one day i had to pull it out and beat it with a sledge hammer before half the teeth got grinded off

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my chain goes tight then loose then tight and so on b/c of not my chainwheel but the freewheel the freewheel is not made round so itll move up and down and if u over tighten it(chain too tight with no slack at all) then ull screw it up and make it run tight and loose really bad

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