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hi everyone. i'm totally new to bmx biking. i'm a senior in high school, about to move off to college in san jose. i'm planning on biking around, but i want to have fun. i love the thrill of grinding (i used to skate) and having fun with the terrain. mostly i'll be on the streets; i doubt any off road biking, maybe a little dirt. which bike do you prefer? i'm limited to under $200. freaking poor. my friend suggested a GT bike. any suggestions and comments? thanks!


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for a cheap starter bike go with a nirve or haro, if u can find a cheap dk, go with that, i dont know tht any of the dks r under 200 though


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check ebay, they got some six packs on there


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try walmart or canadian tire for cheep bikes that cost less than $100 that you can easily replace, and you wont be pissed whan you break it. i heard mongoose's used to be cool, i've never riden one but i now a dirt jumper who has one and it hasn't broken, much. try garage sales? build one out of trash bikes? don't eat all year so you can afford a DK new? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:


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get a dk six pack or a gt bump or even a gt fueler


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GT zone is quite cheap too
i will buy it too (used) for 200 us dollars, if i get the money
i would buy a bike from ebay but shipping is too expensive

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