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ug. Alright, listen. I changed my rims and shit on my back wheels, and now my brakes don't fit. You guys all should know by now that I've been riding for around 6 and a half years, but this has never happened. My brakes didn't fit anymore, and when I went to modify them a bit, it competely snapped.. You guys know what this means..

Until I get the money, which, will be a while because I have to get a new job and get off to College this coming year, I'll be riding brakeless. So could you guys give me some help on this please? My shoes are going so fast its not even funny.



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yea you will have a little bit of that shoe problem...i have been riding brakeless for 3 almost 4 years now...never really had the feel for having brakes on my bike...

i dont know what kind of tips there are though...sorry...its just riding a bike without trigger stopping power...you will get used to it and its super fun.

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