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Hey, I was wondering, do you mostly ride with friends or alone?

I ride with friends 75% of the time and 25% alone....alone I practise more and faster, but is a bit less fun...hanging around with mates, biking is the best :)

what do you think?


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Personally I ride a lot alone, which is good and bad. Alone you can do what you want, etc. But having other riders pushing you, bouncing tricks off each other....kind of 'feeds' the learning, and is definitely more fun.


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My friends don't push me, I pedal myself :D

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I love to ride alone and get my bangers dialed so that when I do ride with friends they're like "Whoa! When did he learn that?" I usually get my ideas for a good trick when I'm riding with friends, though. And nothing beats just cruising around town or chillin at the trails with your friends.


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yea i ride alone the majority of the time...i only know about 3 other riders in my town but i have a lot of friends from the surrounding towns i just can't get out there all the time...but yea vic its kinda cool when you learn something and do it in front of your friends for the first time.


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I like both I really don't care anymore i can ride good and bad with or without friends around.....I ride good or bad depending on how i fell not my friends


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i ride alone most of the time and sometimes i ride wid effraim catlow :D
leon luxton 8O


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i mostly ride alone. Most of my buddies arn't interested in bmx. But one of them is getting a bike soon. I also kno this other guy who bought a AUS$900 (US$637) bmx just to use as transport lol


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shoot him.


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may as well shoot me as well, my first bike is a hoffman taj 8) :roll:

but I ride every day, even if I only have time for a couple of gutter hops before work


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i usaly ride with friends. i find im pushed more and learn more things when i ride with them. and its also a lot more fun. but if noone is going out i'll ride alone. still fun but its better with friends


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i rode alone a lot at first cause i started 5 years after than all the other riders in my area :( that made me progress a lot faster than the group of guys that rode togethor. now im caught up to them (2 years to 7 lol) and i always ride with my friends


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things to point out from my experiences:
1. riding with other ppl = fun cuase of socializatin
2. riding street alone and exploring new places and such is fun when alone, cuase u not constricted by sum1 not wanting to go to some cool looking transition or whatever that seems fun to u but not to them
3. riding in your local shitty hometown, where everywall ride, ledge and etc has been done by u 500times is shitty boring x10
4. riding in local town with freinds is fun, but in a 3 hour sesion usally about 20 minutes of actual riding while the rest is spent screwing around throwing rocks at ducks and such
5. riding dirt alone is boring, no matter what
6. riding dirt is fun with friends
7. riding dirt & street with ppl who are better than u is really good, cuase they push u to do shit that u would normaly be to scared to do
8. riding dirt and street with ppl a lot weaker than u is fun cuase u can show off, but u wont really be getting better at anything, u will just end up showing off stuff that u have down and is impressive, i heart shwoing off in front of noobs playing basketball in front of a park or sumthing

yep, thats my jist of it

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