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Review of SE Bikes 2010 Heavy Hitter
Retail $789.00
Paid (Confidential EP)

This was purchased when I was working for a bike shop and I got an extra good deal as it was the previous year’s model and SE Bikes (a Fuji subsidiary) was liquidating the model. The model that I ordered was the flat black and chrome but as the nature of the liquidation I received the cash money pearl white with BRIGHT gold trim. Hey, for what I saved I really can’t complain about color. I can always paint the frame if my son gets tire of it.

Typical of the company the bike came completely disassembled and everything needed built. I’m surprised the spokes were in the hoops! If you are a do-it-yourselfer and have only a little bike building experience this is not the bike company for you. You will need a lot of specialized tools such as a bottom-bracket tool, headset press, a shop quality chain-tool as the tiny pocket versions will destroy that KMC chain, and a good set of hub wrenches to set the tension correctly. Not to mention a lot of patience. It will take an experienced builder more than an hour to build and 30 minutes to adjust the hubs, headset and brakes completely. The at home guy can look forward to 3+ hours of banging wrenches. If your LBS has a free build option take them up on it for this one!

After the bike is complete, it is really one heck of a bike. The Heavy Hitter is a misnomer as the completed bike is advertised at 23.5 pounds and I weighed this one with the Slime in the tires at 23.3 pounds. Everything about the Heavy Hitter is top end. The bar end plugs are alloy and not nylon which is standard on most dirt jumpers. The entire drivetrain is built for abuse of the worst kind from the strongest legs. When I first saw the color I was upset the black was not available, but that white and gold is fricken’ SCHWEET! The pictures just did not do it justice. Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin really did have a killer choice of paint. The white is not a straight white it is more of a pearlescent that glows under the bright Tucson sun. A bike of this quality does not need me to go over each part for a breakdown. Let’s just say no corner was cut and no expense was spared when it came to the design of this bike. My only complaint is the amount of building required for any SE Bike from the box.

When riding the Heavy Hitter it rides like a top-end ride should. The frame has no flex and allows for perfectly quick and precise steering. The poly pedals with cro-mo axels ride smooth and grip well delivering every bit of power into the rear wheel. There is no loss of confidence when leaving the ground and the wheels stayed tight and true after several jumps from my large body size. The bike is intended for my 10 year old son so if it can handle me at 225 pounds, it will handle his 80 pounds with no issues. The stock tires grip very well and better than a stock tire would be expected to. The stock wheelset should not be considered stock. These are truly a custom wheelset with the King Kong hubs and Alex hoops they ride very nice.

All told anyone can go pick a frame and all the parts and have fun building the bike, but spend nearly two grand. Or you can just buy a Heavy Hitter and have the same assembly fun and get the same top-self parts without the headache of trying to match all the parts from catalog part numbers. This bike has been seriously thrashed on for more than a year now and I have had to tighten a couple of spokes and keep that wonderful KMC chain lubed, and that’s it. I do check the hubs and all the other bolts during regular checkups but this bike has been completely bulletproof for my boy.

Ratings out of 10
Product: 10
Assembly: 5
Service: 7

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