[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit

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Karl H. Marx

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[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit post #1

I've had these brakes with the Fiesta pack since around January-Febuary and I just replaced them for Evo 2s because I fancied a change.
They work really well considering they cost around £15 compared to £65+ for brakes from bigger companies. They are really easy to set up because of how they work. They are a lot easier to set up than brakes with springs like the tektro FX-30. The green pads in the Fiesta pack aren't the greatest because they are a bit too hard, but this means they last a long time. The springs are harder than the ones on my Evo 2s but aren't too hard in my opinion. Some times parts come loose like the cable hanger slips once in a while and the springs lose tension.
They weigh 7.6oz or 215g.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Work very well (Considering the price)
  • Light
  • Reliable
  • Can be used as a front or back brake

  • Needs adjusting sometimes as the parts move after a while


I think these brakes are definetly worth buying if you need a set and are on a budget. The fiesta pack is also worth buying if you have hombres already.

I rate them 9/10


[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit post #2
I found the pads moved too, so I sanded the power-coat off of the arms where the pads contact them & it's worked superbly. Aluminium is a soft material however, so be careful not to sand a 'low spot' into them.

The Fiesta pack comes with lower-profile caps & different pads, but the pads aren't too flash, so if you have seat stay brakes save the money for salmon Kool Stops.


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[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit post #3
only the pads are bad, but the calipers are awsome


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[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit post #4
very acurate review!


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[Review] Dia-Compe Hombres & Fiesta Kit post #5
Ditch the pads people, please.

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