places in jersey?



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hey, 15/f/nj here i started bmxin in like august, but i havent been able to find a place to actually go to , in order to like improve my tricks and all. theres drop in skate park, but they dont allow bikes, and my dad doesnt want to drive me to ny everytime i want to ride, so the best place ive been ridin is is the graveyard next to my house...which isnt exactly all that anyways, what im askin is, does anyone know any bmx places in northern jersey? write to me if u do-, or IM me - LiX10DiRRtyJeRz -
thanks so much! :wink:


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build your own dirt jumps, or ride ur bike to the next town over and look for wall rides and shit, or take the bus like 10 towns over, and find a pretty ledge to wax up

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