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Painting... post #1
Alright, im preping my bike for painting, i've stripped her completely, how far should I sand down before I repaint ? When it loses its color (cream) and turns to whatevers beneath it ?

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Painting... post #2
sand it till u get to the metal


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Painting... post #3
Ok, i like paintball and i know someone who did this to there gun. It will probably also work for bikes. sand it down, paint with an airbrush (say a model one) one coat of a base colour. Then wait for the paint to dry. Then paint a layer of what colour you want. Paint more if needed. Then add four coats of gloss to have a nce shiney colour. Oh yah, use car detaling paint.

I know it doesnt have much to do with sanding but people always ask how to paint their bikes.


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Painting... post #4
All I know is that I Need to sand it (to remove imperfections in the current paint and to allow the new coat [gloss black] to go on smoothly), put on primer, then paint it, thanks for your help with the tips


Painting... post #5
u dont gotta sand it down to its bare frame...just sand it down enough that u have a thin, smooth surface to work with

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