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i have a frame that the paint is really worn how do i pant it and what kind of paint do i use


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Well i just painted a frame i sanded it enough to take the gloss of the old paint put a couple layers of flat black over the red, and then laid the actuly color, it was dark blue so when the paint does chip it shows black rather than red.

I used touch up paint for cars that u can get at walmart, it sticks pretty well and has a nice color.

BTW are u quicksliver from maxxtraxx and RCR


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no im not but thanx for the information


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Id get KrylonFusion, from Ace Hardwear.
A-w-e-s-o-m-e stuff. Theres never been any problems that Ive heard of.


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Yo i have a article in a BMX magizine that i have about painting your frame for only about $10...ill tell u wut they say in it:

Go to a local hardware store and buy the following:
-A can of Automotive Paint (wut ever color u want)
-A can of WD-40
-A sheet of course sand paper and a sheet of fine sand pape
-A roll of masking tape and a razor blade

1. Take the razor blade and chip off the stickers and stuff but dont chip too close to the frame or u can put a dent in it (it looks SHITTY)

2. Bust out the WD-40 and spray it on that sticky shit on from the stickers then rub it off with a paper towel or rag

3. Now take the rough sand paper and sand the entire frame down

4. Its not necessary to remove all of the paint from the bike; u just need a nice smooth surface to work with so now take the fine grit sand paper and sand the frame down to make it as smooth as possible

5. Now your ready for the paint...bust out ur can of spray paint and and the tape... now u can hang your frame on your seat post but u might not wanna spray that part so thats where the tape comes in same with the cups. When u paint the bike make sure the spray part is about 8-10 inches away from the bike to avoid shit paint jobs and drips and stuff...good luck


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