Norco Thrasher or KHS Injekta



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Norco Thrasher or KHS Injekta post #1

Im looking at getting a cheap 2nd hand bike for about $200 australian (US$150) and i saw these 2 on ebay.

I'm thinkin of getting of getting the norco one, but i searched on google and there is nothing about norco "thrasher". i also looked on the norco website and there is no thrasher bike model. so whats up with that?

But anyway, do you guys think they're alright bikes for a beginner? and whether they're worth it or not.

btw, i ride dirt and street. And the 2nd bike (KHS injekta) looks like its a flatland bike, am i right?



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Norco Thrasher or KHS Injekta post #2
mate, to be honest i would not get either, im not too sure whats available in aus, or what the conversion rate is, so i dont know if i can really help you, maybe you should ask some bmxer is austraila

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