Newb here, and have some newb questions



Newb here, and have some newb questions post #1
I just bought a MOSH 24" cruiser. I'm new to bmx, or at least it has been about 8-9 years since I was into bikes. I needed a bike to ride the 2 miles to my university where I go to school and work. I wanted something bmx style, but I'm almost 6'4". The ride there is all urban landscape, with plenty of knee high concrete ledges, metal park benches, etc. I know that this thing is not meant for street riding, but none the less, I have a few questions. If you can answer any of them, thank you in advance.

1. Can I throw some pegs on this bike and try my hand at grinds, or is that a fools folly?

2. The bike is just over 30 lbs. I'd like to put this thing on a diet, but I cannot find a spec sheet that lists the weights of the individual components. What are the best ways to lighten this thing up a bit?

3. In light of all this, should I just buy a cheap beater bike for riding street, and keep this thing stock, solely for transportation?

4. Does anyone here have close to the setup I am looking for?

Thanks in advance guys.


Newb here, and have some newb questions post #2
i have never seen a 24" with pegs before...

and if you want a lighter with a 20" frame or something idk im not a fan of the cruisers


Newb here, and have some newb questions post #3
You could, but it would **** your bike so fast.

New frame, new wheels




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Newb here, and have some newb questions post #4
depends, theyre making some pretty beefy street and dirt cruisers now, im not really sure what the bike looks like or anything but if ur new to the sport i doubt ull **** it up too bad, if u want to lighten it up go to and it tells u the weights of most of the parts, it all depends on what ud like to ride for transportation, if ur 6'4 i think a cruiser might be a little more comfortable, and a 20" will be easier to throw around for street.

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