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Okay, as the subject clearly states, new to bmx in general. The whole culture as a whole has captivated me for sometime now and have been wanting to try it for a long time. Some friends at school recently asked me to come hang out with them sometime and they all ride, ...except for one who does moto x instead. But anyways, they have been riding for almost a year now but feel i need some advice from more experienced people. Anyways i was wondering if anyone could help me out on choosing a bike, considering where i live ill prolly be doing dirt the most, even though i like street and virt more. Also i was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on getting started, any would be alot of help to me. Thanks.

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since i am pretty new to bmxing aswell i will just say hi :D. as for the bike mabie a hofman flow or a haro. i myself am about to get a hofman flow and they kick ass.dont get anything to expensive cuz you might change your mind.i know that sounds a bit hipicritical cuz i am getting a bike for 289quid but i have found one on sale for 189quid.i dont know if you are in the uk soyou might not know how much that is.but from me...welcome to bmxing!


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depends on how much you want to spend. go to your local bike store and see what they got. ask them bout the bikes and tell them what you want to ride.


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yea just figure out how much money you are willing to put away for your bike and then go buy that YOU like cause its for YOU...


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heh i'm new to bmx too, but i've been riding around on a bmx for 2 years now or so just never thought of actally getting pegs and doing tricks till now. I'm also kind of in a fix over if I should try to do bmx or skateboard :?

I'm mostly leaning towards bmx though since no one that I know of in the town I live in really do it or think of it especially no other girls. blah blah blah yeah, so i was wondering if i could get any ideas of beginner street tricks? I'm not scared to fall off since I've had my share of accidents. :roll: so may you guys please help me before my friends try to suck me into skateboarding.


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DONT skateboard it sucks.i should know(cos i used 2 board).BMX is alot better


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does your village have alot of paved streets? its best to live in a concrete jungle for skating. but bmxing you can flatland in a small backyard you can ride streets or you can build jumps on your farm.


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skated for 2yrs then about a motnh ago i started doing bmx, when i skated i somtimes took my old mountian bike out and did jumps on it, then i new i was getting a new so i went and learnt bunnyhops on it, hard, wieghed about 50lbs, f*cking brick

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