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hey im kinda beginner and i was thinking about Free agent Eluder or a DK Fury which seems kind of light..are they good bikes for street and some dirt jumps? is it even street? lol i need a new bmx and i want a flatland/street one so it should be light...and also is there a kind of street and dirt bike ? or is street ok to use on dirt jumps every once in a while? please anything on what kind of bmx (freestyle/dirt/ect.) I should get or what brand bmx i should get would be greatly appreciated


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I dont think you would have any probs riding a street bike on dirt sometimes.
Not to sure about a street/flatland combo though. :?


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i thought street were considered flatland...or are they not?

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k no those r race bikes
a street bikes weight at least is about 28lbs and that costs about $1500
for a beginer a good street bike weight would be about 32-34lbs
some good ones are
DK general lee $210 setup $180 and 8 pack $240
Stolen Brat $200, 1/2 Inch $260
Poverty Buck 99 $200
Hoffman RhythemEL1 $220 or EL2 $270 Condor EL1 $250 Distributer EL1 $240
Mosh Method $250 only @ danscomp retails $400

You can use all these bikes for street, dirt , and park and minimal flatland
Street: finding wall and rails to ride
Dirt: dirt jumping
Flatland:doing triks other than a bunny hop or broncos with out jumps so basicly like tire grabs and spinning around ur bike
Park/Vert: skateparks/ wooden jumps


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thanks :) quick question.. why would a beginner want such a heavier bike oh and thanks a ton guys

i like 8 pack and rhytm el2 any things about them i should know to make my choice? like is one better for dirt or something or one a bit better for street or anything like that? or should i just go on looks?


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i would go for a dk 6 pack its like 220 dollars and its quite good


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if the bike is heavy, it has heavy components, and strength. They dont make cheap bikes strong AND light.

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