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New Bike- post #1

Hey guys, Im new to the forum and i was just wonderin what kinda bike everyone has and what state they lived in. heres mine-

Macneil Heaton Frame
terrible One Handlbars-Small
Oddessy hazzard lite with vandero hubs
Primo Powerbite Cranks
DK IronCross Sprocket
Primo V grips
Oddessy Brake lever
Pitchfork Forks
Snafu Knob Job Tires
Primo Super Tenderizer pedals
DK BUcket Seat
Primo Seat Post
Primo Seat clamp
Primo Casket Stem
and i live in Birmingham Michigan, How about you guys?

AJ Lendo



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New Bike- post #2
chesterfield MI.

harosr71 frame
sun ringle rhynolite rims w/ dx cassestte hubs
answer MAG forks
redline forklifter bars
gt piston stem
primo v grips
shimano xtr brakes
profile chromoly 180 mm 3 pc. cranks
profile imperial chainwheel
sun ringle zuzu pedals
irc siren tires
sdg bel air seat


New Bike- post #3
Profile and search.


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New Bike- post #4
terrible 1 nate wessel barcode frame
terrible 1 forks 3/8
solid headset
solid stem
any primo grip
terrible 1 small bars
primo walls tires
primo pro cassette
oddssey cielencki mags
profile dj dirt
profile blackjack with gurad
primo seatposts
primp pentagon seat
standard seat clamp
and 4 kink light pegs


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New Bike- post #5
hey aj thats a pretty nice bike. im still waiting on getting a bmx. and im from pei canada

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