need help setting up gyro

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need help setting up gyro post #1
ok so i wanted to put my gro on but i dont no how these are all the gyro bits
and i also dont have the 2 holes in my top tube
and could any1 tell my what the white tube is for please
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need help setting up gyro post #2
if you dont have the holes in your headtube you could be ****ed
unless you have gyro mounts already instead of the option for removable ones

what frame you got though cos you might get away with it?


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Ok, from top-left going clockwise you have

- The gyro
- the lower plate
- the upper plate
- the upper cable
- the lower cable

The tube of white stuff will be lube of some kind!

Do you have a regular headset or Internal headset. If you have regular you will haver to take the cup out and put the Lower Gyro Cup on underneath it, if not (ie, you have an internal head-set) and you don't have tab holes then you'll need to drill / tap some otherwise you will NOT be able to run a gyro!



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need help setting up gyro post #4
mirraCo blend one i also have a regular
also what cups?
and do i need to take stem of?
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need help setting up gyro post #5
you have a regular headset, thank god.

1. need to take the stem off, then take the fork and headset bearings, spacers, etc out.
2. pop the top headset cup out of the frame. you can do this the "right" way by the instructions shown here or by putting a long, flat screwdriver through the bottom of the head tube and popping it out with a hammer. this is a good way to dent up your frame and smash your fingers, so do so carefully.
3. once the top headset cup is off, put the bottom gyro plate (the black piece in the center of your photo) on top of the head tube and drop the top headset cup on top of it. then you have to press the cup back into the frame- you can do this with a long bolt or headset press as shown here, or you can put a piece of wood on top of the headset and mash it down with a (carefully!) hammer. you have to get the headset pressed in there hard to make sure it doesnt move around later. there is nothing more annoying than dialing brakes with a top plate that moves around.
4. now put the fork and headset back together on your frame. make sure you put the bearings in the correct way or you will smash the bearing cages. don't put the stem on yet.
5. with the fork in the frame and the headset and spacers in place on the fork, drop the rotor part (the part on the left in your photo) on the fork. it will just rest there and rattle around for now.
6. put the top gyro plate (flat one on the right) on top of your fork spacers. the plate should be orientated so the tabs on the sides are pointed up, the sides of a bowl. you may need to take one spacer, if you have more than one, out from under the top plate and put it on top of the gyro plate so the stem has a place to rest.
7. put your stem back on. make sure the stem fits down 99% of the way on the fork. if there is a big gap between the top of the fork and the top of the stem (more than 2 mm), take a spacer off the fork and put the stem back on. the gyro will make your headset a little taller. refer to the Park Tool article, near the bottom where it says "Headset Assembly" for visuals on this.
8. tighten the top cap on your stem to where it's just past snug. dont over-tighten! straighten your fork and tighten the stem side bolts.

now you have to hook up the cables and brake.

9. squirt some lube in the cables! don't use just anything, avoid WD-40 at all costs. Tri-Flow works best for this.
10. put the end of the top cable into your brake lever. make sure the cable is oriented so the short end of the split cable is on the bottom because that end has a shorter distance to travel to the right side of the gyro. if the cabel is not oriented this way, don't twist it; take it out of the lever, flip the barrel-end over and put it back in. run the cable under the crossbar of your handlebars. push the ball-ends of the cable into either side of the gyro top plate and thread the barrel adjusters into the holes. slide the ball-ends on either side of the cable into the slots on the rotor part with bearings in it.
10. do the same thing to the bottom gyro cable underneath the gyro on the bottom plate.
11. hooking up the brake to the gyro cable is just like using a straight cable at this point, so i won't go into details about that.
12. read Park's article BMX-Freestyle Detangler Adjustment for adjusting tips. i would not recommend you do the cross-routing method they show, just use the cable splitter that is already on your bike.

other tips- learn how to eliminate "flop." tape or ziptie your top cable to your handlebar and your bottom cable to your frame to keep it from flapping around. LUBE YOUR CABLES! with all the bends and angles in a gyro setup, there is a lot of friction, so you need lots of lube to keep it running smooth. don't kink any of the cables at nasty angles.
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need help setting up gyro post #6
i have that same set up good stuff.


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need help setting up gyro post #7
go on to


search around,its under either brakes,gyro,etc etc find the guide on a gyro. Thats where I started a bit. then I got practice,and now I do it as a job. XD


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need help setting up gyro post #9
thanks for sharing this all material its very helpful for all


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need help setting up gyro post #10
My bike has a intergrated headset and no spacers. Does that mean I can put a gyro on my bike

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