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Hi i just bought a brand new hoffman resistance prodigy series bmx and the brakes dont work properly they still move with full lock on so i cant do endos or get into tail whips does any1 now what i need to do????

Help would be appreciated :)

and a reply

as i havent had 1 yet :( :p

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you have to

1) put equil spacers inbetween brake block and rim

2)puch down fully on brake blocks to make them in contact with spacers and keep them there!

3)where wire conects to wire holder bolt thingy:undo

4)pull wire so that there is more wire poking out (until tight)the end of bolt

5)do up bolt

6)poke out spacers so that you have equil space between brake bloks and rim on both sides...THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!


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Look for my topic entitled "Bicycle Repair 101"


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Put Coke or some other sticky liquid on your rims. That'll stick it on up there.


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if the brakes dont work i'd send it back to the retailor tell them to fix it, or take it to a bike shop, or mess with the adjusters, and dont put coke on your rim dude, you just got a nice hoffman, you really wanna mess ya new rims up? yeah reall good way to"accidentily"spill some on the axle and roo your bearings all to hell

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