[Wanted/Trading] Macneil deuce deuce wanted


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Macneil deuce deuce wanted post #1
Looking for a frame to fit my 6'3" self

Looking for a macneil deuce deuce prefer the v1 but am receptive to any of em
Items on the chopping block
Sunday Aaron Ross frame repainted with dichromatic purple/green with metallic flake

Fit prk1 frame black

Sunday funday original sky blue paint

Wtp justice frame orange

Animal stem black

Profile stem gold

Rant 170mm red 3 piece cranks 19mm 8 spline

Shadow conspiracy killer cranks 175mm 48 spline rhd/lhd

Sunday forks repainted with dichromatic purple/ green with metallic flake 5/8 dropouts

Fit blade forks chrome

Haro forks with. 990 brake mounts 14mm dropouts

Orange Odyssey petals

101 petals raw with removable cleats

Odyssey hazard laced to primo mix 9tooth chrome

Odyssey hazard laced to eastern hub 14mm axle

Alienation black sheep laced to unknown hub 5/8 axle

Sunday bars 9"

4 Piece s&m 10" bars

There's some im not thinking of but I Cant remember I will update when I have a chance to look and as I acquire more

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