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lotsa help needed...long post.... post #1
Hey agen......

i need sum advice/help on multiple things this time, pls be patient, im not as smart or as good wit bikes as sum of you yet, so HELP ME, i mean, that is what this place is 4, rite?


1). chains... im planning on getting a new sprocket and chain soon, and i am pretty sure that the chains on this site(www.strictlybmx.com its an aussie site) come, as most do(duh) in one, long peice, not like they r when they r on ur bike........ what tools will i need to put this onto my bike, and remove my last one?

2). Sprockets... Again, as stated above, im planning on gettin a new sprocket, i have already mentioned this in another post, and got a large number of responses, which sufficiently answered my questions about this, but, for fun, and extra knowledge, whats a cheap, lite, strong, small sprocket from this selection:

3). making my bike lose sum weight...... all my friends reckon my bike is too heavy, i agree, ive ridden their bikes, which r lighter, and i can do so much more n it feels more comfy )if u know what i mean, not like THAT either.... :roll: )......... what can i do to make my bike lose sum of its weight?



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lotsa help needed...long post.... post #2
ok well for chains, they are pretty easy and to actually put it on you will not need any tools as there is a joining split link on all chains which should come off by hand. simply take this link off, put your chain over your sprocket and freewheel, put the split link back on, and tighten your hub. however you will most probably have to to make your chain a bit shorter, as companies allways make their chains a bit longer to cover all their bases. this means you will probably need a chain breaker (yes that is the technical name)

a chain breaker basically cuts a certain number off links of meaking the chain whatever length you want. this can be done without a chain breaker but it can be a pain in the bum. they are pretty cheap, but well worth the investment.

as far as sprockets go "a cheap, lite, strong, small sprocket" overall is probably a animal lite, but thats not the cheapest, for that get the construction, a nice strong one will be the animal og, but good all round ones are the macneil and demolition. the construction is probably fine, but i dont know what material it is made from so i cant really say how strong it will be.

losing weight, is a little bit irritating, because unless you buy light weight parts, there is a limit to what you can do. but i wil list everything i can think of, you can decide whether it is a good idea or not.

cut your bars down
drill out your stem
drill out your rims
make sure you do not use super thick inner tubes
cut any extra axle off (eg flush with the peg or axle nut)
take any pegs off you do not need
take and brakes off you do not need
take a gyro off if you do not need it and replace it with a single brake cable
cut down your seat tube
drill out your seat
and cut down your drop out so they they are flush with your pegs (if you run pegs)

thats all i can think of i think.


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lotsa help needed...long post.... post #3
ok chains you will need a chain breaker and if it comes with a master link, which it probably does, pull the chain taunt and check to see how many links to remove and make sure it mates up because if that master link doesnt go into a female link it wont work and youll have to go back and use the closest female link or buy a half link but make sure your wheel isnt all the way against the drop out or the wheel will never come off because the chain will be too tight and it will be stuck there so youd have to remove the chain to take off the wheel

ok sprockets on that site the demolition is nice and so is the dk with the guard tha animal lite is good too, i dont know how strong it is, i was going to say kink og lite but they dont have that but im riding a fsa grinder sprocket with guard thick. strong, and very lite and it doesnt even have holes cut into it that reduces weight!

as of reducing weight on your bike a big part you might want to look at is the forks and wheels get much better lighter wheels and fork, forks check out the odyssey dirt fork, fbm cb4k, s&m pitch lite, or kink freebird--wheels its up to you there are quite a few good lite wheelsets

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