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Hey people,

I already posted this but for some reason it didnt come up in the site ... so i'll type it alllll again :cry:

Basically, i'm 19, 5 foot 9, and 11 stone and really wanna get into flatlanding. I inherited a GT Performer a while back and never really took BMX ing serious, i just rode the bike round as an ordinary run of the mill kinda bike.
After watching Dave Mirra's super tour on the extreme channel i witnessed some truely amazing stunt by their flatland rider (i forget his name) and also Phil Dolan.
I found the bike to be a bit to big and generally "weird" to handle. I really wanna take this interest seriously so im considering upgrading the GT or maybe purchasing a new bike ... but im a student so all ideas must be cheap. Don't get me wrong, im not implying that buying a new set of forks will make me a pro or anything ... i just wanna know if i'm in the right ball park with the bike i got.
Please could you tell me what you guys and girls think of the GT performer as a flatland bike, what tricks you'd recommend for a beginner and also upgrades and ideas for a new bike.

All comments will be much appreciated


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Just use the same bike.


L-Plate Flatlander post #3
yea either that or get a

Fly Micromachine. 8)

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