****, I'm ****ing bored


yo momma

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****, I'm ****ing bored post #1
Snow sucks. Unless you get out of school. Which is why I'm up at 2 when I'm supposed to have a class at 10. So I rifled around and found some pics on my comp. I'm bored enough to make a topic about it and post them here. Here ya go. Some of these may be low quality cuz they were grabbed from a video.

My homeboy Justin carving over the light

Me icepicking the sub on our shop's mini

This pic is old as ****, I think 2000 or something. Yeah, that spring or summer.

Me with a fufanu on a kid's mini

Me with a toothpick at a horribly designed, but wonderfully fun park

Dammit. I'm still bored. Maybe I'll go to Wal-Mart and get called a real f*cking asshole again.

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****, I'm ****ing bored post #2
cool...yeah snow sucks


****, I'm ****ing bored post #3
nice pics! you should start snowboarding or something in you rkatepark, that is cool


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****, I'm ****ing bored post #4
yeah dude snow is f*cking ***


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****, I'm ****ing bored post #5
yeah i was snowboarding all today.. i think i sprained my wrist.. :cry: i was trying to back side boardslide on a rainbow (rail like a rainbow) and i fell right back on it :x

but damn those are some nice pictures!


****, I'm ****ing bored post #6
snow sucks...just because you can't ride.
but there is so much you can do with snow.


****, I'm ****ing bored post #7
oibmxpunx said:
yeah dude snow is f*cking g*y
i have nothing against gays but you really ARE irritating

aaight :roll:


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****, I'm ****ing bored post #8
snow totally blows!!! the only thing i will do in the snow is some snowskating but i dont know if ill spend the money to buy one(which i would only spend like $120 to get one since snow isnt around alot--sorta like the time i was in daytona beach and bought a skim board and used it for 3 days and then left know it just sits around since i hate the beach) but i hate snow some much the only time i like snow is when there is no wind out and it is much warmer feeling out because of the snow temperature and sun but still i hate it then


****, I'm ****ing bored post #9
as my country has only 2 or 3 days snow per year i like it when it snows.... but if im on wintersport and it snows when im carving of the black i hate it because of bad sight/vision etc

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