i had so much fun



i had so much fun post #1
YES I DID...yestaday some boy who flalands came down to visit me/meet me 2 cos i have never seen him in person cos i just talk to him on MSN annd my mum is taking both me and him to the derby jam on the 29th Feb(is any1 else)? so i had a go on his bike and its super nice and WOW it is as light as hell and made all my tricks feel so much easyer so i wanna get my bike like that..so what i have dont is new pegs,seat,drilled back pegs and taken of my back brake and that cut LOTS of weight down but my front end is still heavy..up front i got my brake(aint taking it of),ares forks,still got gyro plats and detangler tied on it incase i ever need to put back brakes on :wink: and i have a DF doozer stem and KHE dolan bars...any ideas on how to lighten it up..i was thinking a bizhouse stem will do it just fine but aint to sure.maybe bars? if so what bars will be any good??

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i had so much fun post #2
alloy phil dolan's?


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i had so much fun post #3
new front wheel? the 2 big things that will remove weight on the front end is the wheel and fork flatland forks tend to be heavy so you could put holes in it but i know i wouldnt so the only thing i could say is to put on a new wheel or something


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i had so much fun post #4
well, i would say, just wait untill your parts are all mashed up, then buy new ones, but i guess that flatland parts, last quite a long time doont they? so....

i dont really think that the stem will take much noticable weight off, so try the forks, the wheels (you could drill holes in the rim) or if you can get £200 get a wethepeople div frame, now that IS LIGHT!

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