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How I learned to 180 post #1
NOTE: This is a re-post because I initially put it into the Beginner section. Thought I would re-post it because it looks like people are still interested in learning how to do it.

Just thought I would share how I learned to 180 bunnyhop in case others may need a few more tips.

About a month ago I started riding after being off a bike for 15 years. I saw a BMX demo and was determined to learn a few tricks, starting with the 180 bunnyhop. I knew how to bunnyhop over a curb, but that was the extent of it. I practiced about 1 hour each day, 4-5 days a week. After about 1.5 months, I landed it for the first time. It was a little sketchy, but I didn't touch the ground and was able to roll out after a turn around. If I had to give some advice, I would give the following:

- Watch all the 180 bunnyhop videos on YouTube. This will motivate you to go out even though you still fall 100% of the time.
- Practice for at least 30 - 60 minutes every time you go out. You'll be tired and sore, but your body will adjust to it. My lower back and forearms were sore for 2 weeks straight, but now they don't get sore anymore. I found that any longer than that wasn't really productive. I was too tired. (this may also be because I am 27 and not 15)
- If you injure yourself or feel like a muscle is really tweaked, take days off until it is fully healed. I didn't do this the first time and had a tweaked knee for 1 week. After that, I had to fight the temptation to go out, but it was worth it.
- Even if when you start, you can only turn 90 degrees, understand with practice you will get to the 180 degree mark. I was at 90 - 120 degrees for about 1 week. It was frustrating, but eventually you find out how to turn the remainder.
- Spot your landing. Some people call it "biting your shoulder", but I found that twisting my head around right when I jumped so that I was facing backwards helped me get that last bit of turn. When I stopped remembering to do this every time, my turns failed. Also, try it a few times without the bike, just using your body.
- Visualize yourself doing the 180. It helps to prepare your body for the jump.
- If you get tired or frustrated, practice other tricks, like the turn around. All I had was a wall, so I would go up and bump against it and roll backwards, then turn. This also works for days when your back or legs are messed up as it doesn't put the stress on your body, but helps you to progress in skill. When I could finally make the 180 turn, the practicing helped me to turn around smoothly. Also, don't feel like you need to practice 5 hours a day to progress. I only had 1 hour a day and almost every day I progressed further.
- This may not apply to everyone, but I found a place that was empty of people with little distractions. I didn't want to spend 1 hour a day falling in front of people. However, if I had someone to practice with, that probably would have helped motivate me more.

I also practiced on flatland, so this may have slowed me down as opposed to using a jump or curb. Nowadays, I can land it about 1 every 50 times. It isn't much, but it is progress.

Hopefully these tips will help someone else get the 180 down.
bike ryder

bike ryder

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How I learned to 180 post #2
nice job, and good tips to beginners, i guess lol


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How I learned to 180 post #3
realy nice job man

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