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I need any and every tip on how to like bunny hop cirbs and ledges then go to a nice manual..???? 8O 8O


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Hey, my mates can do that. Of what I understand you shouldn't level off after hopping, and keep your weight back over the backwheel like your wheelying/manualing normally.

I'll ask one of them if I see them soon, kk?

the hip hop soldier

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try them on the ground first they are way easier to learn that way than just keeping on going with curbs and ledges. just bunny hop and then lean back like a normal manual.


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yeah. the easiest way to learn things is to do it over and over. i started with curbs and then went to ledges and now i can do a rail at out skate park.


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hm! I got to try this trix this summer, last summer, I drop in the stair, and this was big stair, about hm! 20 I think, anyway so, we didnt drop it all over, so we finished rolling down the stair by doing a manual, this was easy, so thats the way i started to do manual, then i start to practice bunny hop into a ledge, to then make a manual, but some dayz lather the snow started, so i got to pull of my bmx back into the garage. Damn i hate, did you ever try to ride on the snow with some practicaly flat tires :?: u can try to spin your tires the faster you want, :twisted: but man, i can tell you, you wont go foward, youll stay at the same place you started, so anyway, my lil sis want the cpu, so i got to let this sisi girl get the cpu, damn :evil: , cya!


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I CANT MANUAL.i have only ever done it once at that was for about 3secs.it sucks.i have read all the threads about manuals but still cant do em.wot i do is,i am ridin along(standing)i pull up the front whell and learn bac so i am kinda behind the seat wid my arms straight and legs bent,am i doin it wrong or somin.i think it may be my balance,how can i improve my balence???I NEED HELP :oops:


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I can only do it about 4 sidewalk spaces. So I bunny hop and manual 4 sidewalk spaces. All I can say is... dont level off your bike. Just work on Bunnyhops and Manuals on your freetime. It only took me about 10 minutes to do my first Bunny hop to manual. And it's only my 10th day on Freestyle BMX.


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well on the normal manual you just have to find balance....a lot of riders have different styles while they manual...i can do it for a decently long time but thats cause that is all i worked on after bunnyhopping...

for bunnyhop manuals someone already said it...don't tuck when you hop up the curb....just keep most of your weight towards the back wheel and then when you hop up the curb find that balance...



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It will take u awhile to find your balance point but once u do it will get easier and easier :)


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All you need to do is brace yourself for the landing by leaning bay more and pulling the front end higher than you would for a normal flat ground manual. Also try and hop just barely higher than the curb/ledge.

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