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I wanted a title that would get the attention of people who want to help.

I am 5'11, 170lbs and gaining, a bodybuilder, excellent balance, and here's the facts: I am a college student, and I ride my mountain bike to class, about 1/2 mile commute. I destroyed the front rim. It is a 26" bike and I wanted to replace the wheels with 26" mag wheels, but they are impossible to find.

I would be open to getting a BMX bike but don't have a lot of $$$; I'd really like to spend LESS than $200- $300, otherwise I'll be forced te call it a lost cause and continue walking.

Here's the reasons why I do NOT want a BMX bike, and please feel free to correct any misunderstandings. Just look at my posts, 2? 3? of course, I know nothing about BMXing but I have an open mind.

I am also 23.

Reasons why I don't want one:

They are small and childish-looking (why are you riding a kid's bike dude? I have even said that to people in ignorance before.)

They don't have gears so I assume it is a more difficult commute than my mountain bike.

Cheap ones don't have shocks. My $80 Target bike was great until I wrecked it. I tried off-road one too many times and it cost me when I flipped. Also all that jumping up curbs and stuff misaligned the spokes, which is the reason I'd like to get mags.

They are heavy and I think that will cause my daily commute to class (lots of up and down hills) to be more difficult, particularly the up-hills.

I think that's it.

If all my understanding can be corrected and I just have it all wrong, then I am open to getting a real BMX bike. I want one that fits. For commuting. Easy to ride. Not heavy. Not goofy-looking. Can jump up curbs and go 1/2 foot-3feet in the air easily without breaking when it hits the ground, or hurting my body from the shock.

Otherwise, can you experts please tell me where I can find mag wheels that are 26" and less than a total of $250 and a quality to withstand a moderate beating? I don't have the time or desire to learn about mountain biking and the spokes always loosen on me because I abuse the bike. Only the wheels can't hold up. That's why I want mag wheels. And I personally think they look cool, but that is besides the point.

Thanks in advance.


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Mag wheels are A LOT weaker.

Expensive bikes don't have shocks.

For under $300, it WILL be heavier than a MTB in most cases. We ride kid's bikes because cooooool people do it!



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if your concerned about how you look on a "kids bike" go buy a car


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It's only 1/2 mile. Walking would probably be faster than riding and locking the bike up.

I live in the mountains of North Carolina and only have to walk my bike up the steepest roads. I think you'll be fine with a BMX bike and it's fixed gearing, once again your commute is 1/2 mile.

I'm coming up on 32 and 5'10" and ride a DK eight pack, a bargain entry level bike ($259) and love riding it. Some people at work have commented on it, but most people don't even care.


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mag wheels suck balls. maybe for road bikes, but not for bmx. the beauty of spoked wheels is that the spokes can be mis-aligned, then fixed with a spoke wrench. if you do that to a mag wheel, you throw it away and buy a new one. they are not "adjustable" like spoked wheels. if you want to abuse your bike, you have to learn how to maintain it. have you ever owned a car? have you ever had to rotate the tires, change the oil, replace wiper blades and fluids? you also have to do some maintenance on a bike, but it's a lot easier than a car. if you want something maintenance-free, buy some nice sneakers and start jogging.

my first bmx bike had mags and when i finally got spoked wheels, it was like two peices of heaven had descended on my bike in round, chrome form. i would rather have my legs amputated then ride mags again on a bmx bike.

suspension on a bmx bike is worthless. i can't remember the last time i saw any kind of bmx bike with suspension, not even an expensive one. a few companies tried that in the 80s and decided it was pointless. if you want a bouncy bike, get a mtb.

"small and childish?" if that's holding you back, don't bother. it's all a matter of perception. i think people on big bikes with skinny tires, tear-drop helmets and spandex shorts look silly as well. so do people in sports cars or gigantic monster trucks.

check your local craigslist if your budget is $300 for a bmx bike. the only bikes you are going to find new in that price range will probably be too short for you and not very strong. with your size, you will definately need something fairly long and very strong. i suggest you look for something with a full chromoly frame and fork and a 21" long top tube. bmx bikes are sized according to top tube length, unlike other kinds of bikes which are usually sized by seat tube height.

1/2 mile is not hard for any kind of commute. you could walk that in less than 15 minutes. bmx bikes are great for commuting short distances. if it's more than 5 miles, a road or mountian bike would be better. when i go on long street riding sessions, i probably put more than 15 miles on my bmx bike in a day. just pedal harder, don't be a wimp!

where do you live? i can check your local craigslist for decent bikes that would suit you.
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