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I've completely messed up my bike and instead of fixing it i was just thinkin of buying me a new one! I saw a Haro F5 in a mail order advert for £179.95 + £20 for delivery and building. is this a good deal? i really dont wanna go and spend a shitload of money on a new bike when i can just get something like this to get me around, while saving up for a new bike. should i or shouldnt i? the specs basically are perfect for me, but i wanna know you guys' opinioins. thanks in advance


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you know when you typed "the specs are perfect for me" ?

there is your answer.


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infantry43RIDER said:
you know when you typed "the specs are perfect for me" ?

there is your answer.
yup as long as it suits you and you like it buy it.. i guess it would be alright if you dont wanna pay a lot of money like you said but like infantry said thats very true...


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yeah...buy what looks right for you. just keep some spare money, because I wouldn't trust the parts to last very long. my haro started falling apart after about 6 months.


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I got the Haro Backtrail X1 for christmas cause I could only spend £130 and that was the only bike that I wanted for that price, to be honest it seems like the parts are pretty good and all I can see that I wanna replace is the 1pc crank to a 3pc and the plastic pedals, the forks look alright and I love the bars, the rims arent amazing but they look strong enough and I dont really see much that should go wrong in the first 6 months or so, I dont jump massivly high but my problem is I dont do doubles at the moment cause there is no where to build them and our wooden ramps leave my bike taking quite a lot, I am a very brutal rider and always seem to slam the bike down to the ground too early.

Anyway sorry for going off topic, if the specs suit you then why not get it? you said about building it up and it shouldnt be a bad bike to start with before upgrading a load of parts, but that'll cost a bit to get it good.


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as long as it fits your style and fits you it wil work

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