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hahaha post #1
This is a coverstaion i had with some fagget on AIM
I'm FatMusicIII
FatMusicIII: hey do you ride bmx
KiNkPUnk182: yeah
KiNkPUnk182: K2
KiNkPUnk182: why?
FatMusicIII: i ride an eastern
KiNkPUnk182: thats hot
FatMusicIII: kink
KiNkPUnk182: o true.... good job
KiNkPUnk182: not many ppl understand that
FatMusicIII: haha i'm down hardcore style i've been riding hard for about a year
KiNkPUnk182: what tricks you do?? vert or street?
FatMusicIII: i can do handrails and stuff
KiNkPUnk182: i only been riding since 8th grade
FatMusicIII: cool
KiNkPUnk182: i can go off anything
KiNkPUnk182: i went off im old middle schools roofonce
KiNkPUnk182: broke my shin but it dont matter
KiNkPUnk182: im crazy like that
FatMusicIII: cool
FatMusicIII: i double peged a 12 stair and wallirde down a 19 stair and 180'ed a 5 stiar
KiNkPUnk182: thats pretty good... ever think about competitions?
FatMusicIII: nope i suck at park
FatMusicIII: but i'm getting better
KiNkPUnk182: keep working at it
KiNkPUnk182: i been asked to be sponsored mad times
KiNkPUnk182: little devil wanted me
FatMusicIII: how was little devil going to sponsor you were you going to get to ride there new stem
KiNkPUnk182: primo and also animal
KiNkPUnk182: huh?
KiNkPUnk182: i turned them down cause i dont like the name little devil
KiNkPUnk182: lol
FatMusicIII: oh really
FatMusicIII: was primo going to let you ride the new path tires
KiNkPUnk182: i ride my own setup
KiNkPUnk182: i only said id rock the gear
KiNkPUnk182: maybe get a new frame and shit
KiNkPUnk182: but my tires are alright
FatMusicIII: considering the fact those three companies don't make frames that would be hard
KiNkPUnk182: i know
KiNkPUnk182: i mean a lighter frame
KiNkPUnk182: not by primo
FatMusicIII: oh cool
FatMusicIII: you don't want to ride animals new wheelset
KiNkPUnk182: kink makes my frame
KiNkPUnk182: why not?
FatMusicIII: if they were going to sponsor me i would
KiNkPUnk182: i need more practice at vert though
KiNkPUnk182: so im letting it go for another few months
KiNkPUnk182: i go to Rex Plex by me
KiNkPUnk182: Odyssey, Haro
KiNkPUnk182: those wheels are hot
KiNkPUnk182: by all my friends ride mags
KiNkPUnk182: i think their fugly
FatMusicIII: odyssey makes mad brake narps
KiNkPUnk182: their phat
KiNkPUnk182: i rock their shoes too
KiNkPUnk182: cause i sk8 too
I was sarcastic the whole time trying to catch him in a lie it worked! hahaha


hahaha post #2


hahaha post #3
heheheh, whata tool


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hahaha post #4
ha, thats funny :lol:


hahaha post #5
that happens quite a number of times to me when out riding...never on aim though...but that shit is funny...what a dumbass...

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hahaha post #6
you r a spanner! :)


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hahaha post #7
that was of one of the stupidest things i have ever seen someone write f@ck that kid is dumb.


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hahaha post #8
what an idiot.

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hahaha post #9
Super S*** said:
you r a spanner! :)
i take that back.but seriously what is so funny about that


hahaha post #10
you rock odyssey shoes too don't you mister.

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hahaha post #11
infantry43RIDER said:
you rock odyssey shoes too don't you mister.
sorry i dont quite follow...


hahaha post #12
you wouldn't.

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