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Any of you guys started out riding with an old crome GT/Dyno bike w/ stock parts "1 pc. crank, unsealed bearings, single wall wheels, V-brakes" and thought that thing was the Shit

Was just thinkin about my first bmx bike


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well i started out riding on a little kid bike when i was a little kid...around the age of 5 i got a rad ass huffy.

then i got another huffy at the age of 10...but only a year after that i got a Standard 125 Motocross...cause i started racing.


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first pro bike was in 1999 and it was a GT permormer and it had spokes that ran straight down 1 by one, not crossed and i snapped then in like 4months


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man... the chrome frame... yeah i started out with one of those... my cousin gave it to me, i ride street on it every once in a while
gt mach one

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