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Greasing post #1
What do you grease your hub bearings and pedal bearings with? I wanna know because im gonna take care of my bike unlike my other one... right now for my sprocket and chain i use some of my dads heavy equpiment grease for like bulldozers and trucks and shit.. will that stuff be fine for the chain and sprocket?


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Greasing post #2
anything laying around but i wouldnt grease your pedals, then your pedals will spin and when u do no footers they will spin and you will **** up trying 2 get your feet back on them. but thats your bike and your legs getting hurt not mine.


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Greasing post #3
i use white lithium grease with teflon. its great i packed my bearings on my demolition hub with it and now they spin like crazy(old grease got crusty so i cleaned them and put in new grease). i also use that grease on our cars.

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