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ok, so pobie isw like "lets go to this one skatepark we never been too"i pull out my bike have in front door wqhile pobie is waiting, i come back outside, and hes laughing his ass off and i see my crank arm and pedal in his hands, and im like "****, god damn p.o.s bike, i guess ill be riding my rollerblades today, but then i think"hey didnt i lend my shitty as 15 year old gt mach one to some dude a while back, he still has it" so we go to his house, and we pick it up and head to the skatepark... god fdamn this thing is so light that everytime i hit the q-pipe i almost do a front flip cuase the back end shoots up.... holy **** this skatepark was extremely superb... it was huge and spaced out, and basically two big bowls with a few shit, and nice huge shit everything perfect for bikes, but like ****, cops were coming like every 30 min, and thwey was in hella low prifle cars and shit,. but it was cool cuase there was SO MANY bikers there, that like ppl would yell out when coops came... at the peak thre was prolly like 10 bikers there or so. but ****, then i see this burly ass black guy walking to the park with a camera, and hes like ****ing hella fat but bigg ass uper body, like those dare cops who scare you, and i thought he was like undercover taking pics of kids riding then bvbusting them, but it turns out he was just taking pics of ppl cause it was his hobby, like 2500 camera and shit , a portoflio of nice ass pics and stuff, and so he was taking pics of this bomb ass skater, who was like 12, and he was getting like 5ft of air luanchin out this steep as q-pipe and landing on flat behind it. and i guess later as i got hella adjusted to the park, (i usually can only get a foot of air launching onto the decks of bowls or q-pipes), but i was getting like 3ft of air, and i busted a fat ass cvandy bart and he took a pic, and since candy bars come easy to me and i get them ****ing huge, every one was like "woah cool", and my self esteema went yay, and later i was trying 360's a trick im nowhere close to getting, but i was actually gettign close, (when i see ppl s60 out of q-pipes, they usually do it low witht he front end up, but i was getting like 3 ft of air and like spinning like nicely, like , i dont even know, just doing a nice smooth spin, but i couldnt getmyself to land it, cuase i would p[anik cuase i would think about how my pedals had lost all thier tread and i would break my ankles cuase i couldn tland smooth enough ansd shit., and at one point, i had took my pants off cuase i waas hella hot, and i got like 4 and a half feet of air luanching out of q-pipe and i did a perfect 360., but my penis poped out my boxers and i was like ":eek:h ****" and fell.... my ankles were done at the end of the day, and ****, right before his mom came i was trying barspins and getting hella close, and barspins are skcary as **** for me. but i never got em down by time we had to go, a went yay and there was hella old ass skaters that was like 30 and shit, and not like cool skaters, but *** ass kneepads and fish looking board, but they were dope as ****, doing handplants and shit and like hella going crazy, adn this one guy we thought he ate lots of suasages and had an uber huge board, and the old man skater called himself the carve miester, and lectured some kids abotu smoking and was like "well u might as well inject cancer into your lung, =man, u guys wont be abkle to afford a car doing that stuff" and yapping for ****ing ever, and like his dughter had a skateboard with handle,s and she would ghost ride it onto the box and skip over to it, bring it to the starting ramp and ghost ride it again and agin, and this one kid kept sliding down boxc on his belland shit on a skateboard, ans would sit there for ages, and ppl kept yelling "god damn ity joe, get the **** over here, now! your in the way" and he would like flip them off and keep sliding along the box giggleing, and some kid who was sponsered by supercuts had a hissy fit cuase a littl kid on fruit boots got in his way, so he got hella pissed and made a mean face and tossed his bike and went home hella angry, and this ****ing like 7 year old kid was ****ing coked out or sumthing talking hella slow, and the kid asked the camera guy like "how much do u get paid for taking pictures?""its a hobb y" "=no, i aksed how much do u get paid" and then he kept going to pobies bike and honking the horn for like 15 min, and then at one pooint he was just sitting down on top of the spine, and oh **** this kid was oblivioius to everything, and he wouyld like touch things and examine them so we concluded he was coked out, oh man oh ****


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nice story man

what park did u go to >?

Super S***

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lots o ''hella''s

looooooooooooooooots o ''hella''s


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