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I didn't choose to have brakes. My father forced them onto me. What I suggest most for street is brakeless. Brakeless improves your sense of balance in manuals, lets you "flow" better with tricks (do tricks smoother), keeps you from backing out of stuff, and makes you less dependant on a damn lever.

Some people ride street with a straight cable because it's easily maintaind, cheaper, and, I think straight cable is more powerful, because it transmits the power from the lever almost directly to the brakes. It's kinda like a car's trasmition.

Some downsides of the single cable, though, are that it tangles and stretches, and everytime I barpin, I have to spin them back around when I'm done to untangle the cable.

Downsides og gyros: The cables do brake alot, I've went through many gyro cables in my day. They cost more. Not much more to start with, but after you replace the cables a few times, it gets expensive. They're harder to maintain, and harder to adjustcorrectly. For gyro's, I suggest getting them adjusted or put on by a local bike shop. They magically make the brakes work perfect.

Standard OX tubing kicks all ass.

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I've never tried fufs or abubacas w/o brakes...seems impossible. You must have balance like a circus freak, Infantry .

Another way is footjam abubaca or fufanu. It's hard to do, but possible. Just hop up, and quikly jam your foot in your back tire to stop it. Some brakeless riders can do it, but I think it's hard. Then, there's the trick people do with the crank and the freewheel. If doing tailtaps, or if you get a abubaca or fufanu at a certain angle, you can use the freewheel kinda like brakes by locking up your legs, because when the wheel moves backwards the slightest bit, the freewheel locks up, and tries to turn the crank with it.


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yeah, with abubicas about the crank thing where it locks up, this is done by finding a very sensitive amount of pressure to put on the pedal

u lean back so the bike would want to roll backwards while on your back tire

but u push forward on your pedals to make u go forward

put u dont give a strong enough push that u actually go forward

u give a push that puts enough pressure to keep u from rolling backwards, but not enough to actually get u moving forawrd

i think im gonna try to fufanu this shity 45degree angle 3ft tall q-pipe at local shitty park

abubaca is where u jump up, stall and jump back down and roll out, right?

and fufanu is where u jump onto platform of q-pipe with a 90 degree turn and then jump off with another 90 degree turn that sets u going down the q-pipe front end first, right?


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yea you got your tricks right.


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I just put my ody GTX gyro on today with costum cables and a primo pervert running to a london mod with new evolvers.......I did not take it to a shop and my brakes work better than my old straight cable.....Straight cables are cool i just like the gyro........Riding street brakeless is fun. I just fell like I have more control with a brake and enjoy not having to ruin my Vans trying to stop before I get hit by a car....

I geuss it is just about how you fell


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thats cool dude...whatever your style is.

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