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I'm just getting back into riding and I bought a 2017 redline asset 24". This is the most awesome bike I've ever owned. I noticed after about 3-4 months of riding the freewheel started making an intermittent popping noise after I'm coasting for a while and then apply pressure to start pedaling, but it doesn't do it at the same spot in the crank rotation. If I flip the bike over it won't do it when I turn the crank frontward or backward. It seems to only happen when there is actual pressure on the pedals. I take back to LBS, who are excellent at what they do, and they said that one of the pawls which are spring loaded had a broken spring and they replaced it. That made a huge difference but didn't stop the problem completely. It will still do it occasionally. Should the whole pawl set be replaced? I thought it might be the chain. The sprocket ratio is 25-10, a very close tolerance I am not used to working with. So, how tight should the chain be?? Right now I got about 1.0 inch of play and it makes the popping noise less. When I tighten it, with about .5 or less inches of play, the popping noise occurs more often. Could it need a chain replacement of all things?? I've got about 250+- hours of riding on it now and I'm not sure how often the chain would need replacing. I mostly just cruise and maybe a few small jumps here and there but nothing very radical at all. I hope my post is more clear. I'm rather new to this. Thanks for any input. I certainly appreciate the advise of more seasoned riders.

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